Your Technical Expert…

Over our   33 years, we’ve produced thousands of events for corporate and not-for-profit clients  throughout the New York Metro area and across the country. We know it’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

When your budget, reputation and success are on the line, don’t leave it to chance… leave it to us –the audiovisual production experts.

Required to use the in-house union AV staff at the venue you’ve chosen for your event?  Worried about trusting such important details to people you don’t know?  Not sure about the price you were quoted?

Corporate AV is your offsite technical expert, ensuring that you’re getting the right service at a fair price.


We will:

  • Determine event goals & technical needs
  • Guide you on successful techniques for working seamlessly with in-house or union staff
  • Review & Assess supplied equipment and technical staff
  • Outline your overall plan of action


Eliminate the guess-work. We know it has to be perfect.

Trust Corporate AV to produce and execute the seamless and impressive event you need – time and time again.


Fashion Show Full Production-Waldorf Astoria

Do I have to use the in-house AV?

How can we stay within budget without sacrificing quality?

Our staff members step into whatever role you need us to, in order to deliver Success You Hear and Results You See.