At Corporate AV, you will  have an expert partner dedicated to your vision and goals. Our team is committed  to supplying more than just equipment; we provide you with guidance and solutions. Corporate AV is a part of your team and will advise you to make sure your needs are met. 

What is the Hotel Audio Visual or "In-House AV" Company? In many cases, the "hotel av" is a subcontracted company that pays the hotel a commission for the right to operate within their hotel. The commission is a percentage of the audiovisual revenue, and in many cases is about 50% of the bill! So you can understand why the hotel would tell you that you HAVE to use their av department.


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Budget is always a concern when planning an event. With careful advance preparation and a close working relationship with an audiovisual production team, event planners can budget dollar wisely for the audio visual services that makes the most sense.


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You only need to make one call.
We have audio, video, lighting, computer, and staging equipment for all types of events large or small.

You will have a partner dedicated to your goals.
Our team is dedicated to supplying solutions, not just equipment. We are part of your team, and will provide you choices to meet both your goals and your budgets.

You are working with experts and your show will be flawless. 
We are the only company that measures their results on an event by event basis, and we have a running 5 year flawless event success rate of 99.6%!

You can relax, you are dealing with professionals. 
We show up on time, prepared, and are always professional. No jeans, no concert shirts. Our show operators are the ones always dressed in suit and tie.

You will save time and money by working with Corporate AV!
Our pre-event planning includes: site visits, conference calls, floor plan creation, dealing with security, catering, electrical, décor, and entertainment. All at NO CHARGE.


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Do I have to use the in-house AV?

How can we stay within budget without sacrificing quality?

Our staff members step into whatever role you need us to, in order to deliver Success You Hear and Results You See.