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Thoughts from the Road - Video Formats

At the heart of audiovisual production, and indeed live events in general, there is a message that needs to be communicated. Whether it’s spoken word alone, performance based, or entirely visual, taking care of the delivery of the message is absolutely critical.

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Equipment Highlight - String Lights

Warmer weather brings with it great opportunities for outdoor events; and nothing sets an imaginative evening aesthetic out in the open air quite like string lights. Serving both form and function,string lights – also known as bistro lights – provide both utility lighting for guests during evening events, and all while painting everything below in a soft, warm glow.

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Thoughts from the Road - Confidence Monitor vs Teleprompter

One thing that comes up time and time again that is generally misunderstood is the difference between a confidence monitor (or a Down Stage Monitor – DSM) and a teleprompter. A confidence monitor is usually a TV screen anywhere from 32” to 60” that sits on the floor at the foot of the stage, and allows presenters on stage to see what slide is on the screens without turning their backs to the audience.

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