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Thoughts from the Road - Events and Inclement Weather

We’re heading into Spring now, and with it comes the beginning of “outdoor events season.” Whether it’s a tented event, under a pavilion, or out in the open air, weather is always a major variable. It’s usually the one thing nobody wants to talk about leading up to an outdoor event, as if the weather will hear you and spite your event. On the AV side, we always joke that we only bring tarps with us so that it doesn’t rain, because it only rains when you forget them.

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Backdrops Part 3 – Fabric & Hard Sets

For our third installment of the backdrop series, we’ll be taking a look at a few different scenic elements that will offer your stage design varying degrees of flexibility, functionality, and elegance. That is to say, the options here are much more customizable than colored drape alone, or even modular options which is mostly confined to the limitations of their framework.

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Thoughts from the Road - Speaker Timers

When it comes to corporate conferences with heavy programming, there’s one factor that can easily derail even the most meticulous planning: timing.

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